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Indonesian Bali Blue Coffee

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Exotic mornings with the Bali Blue Moon

What is it about island cofees that make them so outstanding? Maybe it’s their unusual combination of flavors, their satisfying texture, or perhaps their intoxicating aroma… whatever it is, Christopher Bean’s latest offering does not fall short of either one of those qualities.

Introducing the Bali Blue Moon --an earthy coffee with the flavors of nuts, chocolate, spice, and a black cherry finish. Aromatic and flavorful coffee, it is a delight from start to finish.

The Bali Blue Moon is made from Arabica organically grown in the Kintamani Highlands along with rows of orange and tangerine trees which provide ample shading. Like most coffee grown under shade, the Bali Blue Moon has exceptional cup qualities with each of its flavor distinct but beautifully combined as well.

Rich with a hint of sweet, nuts, and spice, the Bali Blue Moon is great for mornings with your toast and jam or buttered bagel, and a perfect with sweeter pastries for your afternoon pick-me-up. Get the freshest batch now available at the Christopher Bean store.


  • James Smith: October 23, 2016

    My apologies…I forgot to mention which coffee I am looking for. Its your Indonesian Bali Blue coffee. Please let me know when this coffee comes in.

  • Barry : July 31, 2016

    One of the smoothest coffees I have ever had absolutely no bitterness and pure medley of flavors I ordered a bunch for our bicycle shop and everyone here is hooked!
    Try some today you won’t be sorry!

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