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6 Easy Ways to Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

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Spicing up your coffee game is not rocket science.

Tired of the same, old, boring coffee you obligatorily make every morning just for the sake of, well, having coffee? It’s time to put the travesties (boring coffee is a travesty!) of the past at rest and discover new ways to spice things up. And you know what they say, it's pretty easy to screw your precious cup of Joe. Sprinkle the wrong sugar and you're done. But hey, brewing a good, healthy coffee is not rocket science, either—especially with Christopher Bean as your coffee roaster-of-choice.

Many times, coffee shops stuff up their servings with all sorts of sugar and other chemicals, so you'd do well to know how to order, or what to brew at home if you don't trust cafes as we do. Thankfully, there are no-brainer hacks to make your everyday coffee a healthy experience.

  1. Keep it black.
  2. Sometimes, keeping it simple is better. Dark roast coffee, including espresso, contains less than 10 calories per 8-ounce cup. If you’re working for that summer-ready (or ‘a better you’) body, you’d want to cut the calorie intake and keep your coffee as healthy as possible, without adding any ingredients. Espressos and dark roasted beans are no doubt bitter, but fortunately, your taste buds know how to adjust and will adapt to the bold flavor over time.

    Coffee tip: If you’re new to black coffee, Christopher Bean’s Dark Roast & Espresso collection is for you – classic dark blends with different levels of roast and grind. For starters, may we suggest Espresso Roma? Trust me, you’d spend all your day savoring that scent.

  3. Use almond milk.
  4. It’s true what they say: whole milk makes you fat. But of course, you want that milky aftertaste you’re always willing to get jitters for. Coffee without milk doesn’t just make sense for some people, but health must take precedence over your taste buds. Assuming you’re not allergic to nuts, medical TV show Dr. Oz notes that the healthiest milk to mix with coffee is almond milk. Whole milk hits the calorie counter with 180 calories per serving (8-ounce), but almond milk keeps it healthy at less than 100 calories per cup. There’s a sweet, nutty aftertaste, to boot.

    Coffee tip: If you're lactose intolerant, don't fret just yet. Christopher Bean offers specially flavored blends with hints of almond at varying levels of roast. Our crunchy-tasting Almond Biscotti Amaretto and the sensual blend of Almond the Mood for Love works like a charm for the nutty aficionados.

  5. Sprinkle some cocoa.
  6. Nothing beats the magic of chocolate; infusing your coffee with cocoa, even more so. Unsweetened cocoa and dark chocolate both complement any coffee drink. Cocoa is an effective cholesterol fighter, lowering risks of hypertension and numerous heart-related diseases. Studies suggest that athletes who consume 40g of chocolate per day have improved their cycle performance, but of course, you may or may not be an athlete, but there goes some convincing. Chocolate plus coffee is a real winner.

    Coffee tip: Remember, it’s vital for your health not to go overboard here. A teaspoon of melted dark chocolate will do for a single serving. If you want your choco-coffee combo infused at a granular level, try Christopher Bean’s Chocolate Decadence or Chocolate Indulgence brews.

  7. Quit the sugar.
  8. Another giveaway fact: coffee is healthy by itself. If you load your morning cup with tons of sugar or artificial sweetener, you’re like throwing a party for cancer cells inside your body, let alone obesity and who-knows-what-type of diabetes. Instead of refined sugar or the likes, opt for stevia (leaves or extract), which is the best sweetener for coffee. “If you can’t stand unsweetened coffee, just steer clear of the artificial sweeteners for which safety has not been established,” says Marci Clow, MS, RD, and senior nutritionist at Rainbow Light.

    Coffee tip: Stevia leaves are not very common, but there are alternatives. Coconut sugar or organic maple syrup are good choices, and while not 100% glucose-free, they are certainly better than refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. For the wellness extremists, decaffeinated brews are made for you. They’re less bitter and would not require sweeteners most of the time. Check out Christopher Bean’s Decaf coffees here.

  9. Try the famous cinnamon.
  10. If you're determined to transform your daily coffee experience into an enjoyable yet healthy habit, try adding cinnamon to your caffeine drink. Bread and coffee lovers know cinnamon is a gift of nature to the world; it is arguably the most important powder on the planet (it’s an exaggeration we coffee fans love expressing). This magnificent ingredient significantly enhances the flavor of coffee, not to mention that cinnamon can lower blood glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides in diabetics, studies show.
    Coffee tip: Cinnamon can be expensive at times. Dozens of coffee blends are infused with cinnamon even before the beans are roasted. Our Apple Cinnamon French Toast and Amaretto Cinnamon Stick blends are perfect examples of cinnamon goodness in a delicious cup of Joe.

  11. Use paper filters.
  12. Cafestol – a molecule present in brewed coffee – raises cholesterol levels in human if not filtered out. Paper filters lower the amount of cafestol while letting the caffeine and all antioxidants pass through.

    You can browse quality filters here at Christopher Bean’s Coffee Filters collection.

Then again, drinking coffee in its raw form is healthy enough to be taken as a daily supplement. However, there are several ways you can turn your coffee from healthy to super healthy, vastly improving its benefits and making the experience even more enjoyable.

So, why don't you tone down the café hopping a bit and check out our signature blends? You know what they say: the best coffee is brewed at home. Try these tips and you'll see, making a healthy yet delicious cup of coffee is not rocket science.


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