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Start Your Morning Right With an Alarm Clock That Makes You Coffee

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For those who can't function in the morning, a cup of coffee is key. For those who can't even function enough to make that cup of coffee, there's The Barisieur.


This innovative gadget awakens the sleeper with the smell of coffee and the gentle rattle of stainless steel ball bearings as the water boils. Picture waking up slowly to the smell of roasted coffee beans and only having to sit up to enjoy.

Take sugar or milk? There's a special compartment for milk so the liquid stays fresh and cool until you're ready to use it in the morning. On the front, there's a drawer for sugar. The whole tray can even be removed for easy cleaning. 

The gadget also has an actual alarm that can be set to sound before or during the coffee making process. 

This invention was thought up by Joshua Renouf, a recent graduate from Nottingham Trent University, for his final project. You can't buy the product just yet, but Renouf is in the process of making it accessible to the public this year. You can send in an inquiry here. 





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