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7 Crazy Coffee Creations: Put what into my coffee?

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Feel like your morning coffee is getting a little dull and boring? Ready to break out of your normal routine? We know just what you need!

There are plenty of alternatives to your go-to cream and sugar to give your coffee a real kick of flavor. Keep reading to find out a few ingredients that may sound a little crazy when you think about adding them to your coffee, but are actually a great way to give your morning coffee a delicious boost!



1. Butter

You’ve probably already heard the buzz about bulletproof coffee, but have you given this flavorful tactic a try yet? For a velvety-smooth taste, add a slice of butter into a cup of hot coffee then blend it in until your drink is creamy.



2. Ginger

If you want more of a spicy kick to your morning coffee, add a slice of fresh ginger. The ginger can be added to the coffee grounds before brewing, or you can put the ginger slice into your freshly brewed hot coffee. Let the ginger steep for a few minutes before enjoying your spicy treat.



3. Coconut Oil

You already know that coconut oil is great for cooking, but did you know it makes a delicious addition to your coffee, too?

For a rich, flavorful taste with a hint of coconut—add a spoonful of coconut oil into your hot coffee, but be sure to whip it up, so that it blends together well.



4. Orange Zest

Citrus fruits can add a burst of sweet, tangy flavor to your favorite dishes, and can do the same for your morning coffee. Add a strip of orange zest to your coffee grounds before brewing for a bolder taste.



5. Peppercorns

Give coffee a spicy kick by adding a few grinds of peppercorns (any color) to the grounds before brewing. Remember a little can go a long way, so start small and see whats the right amount is for you.




6. Cocoa Powder

Not quite ready for the sweetness of a chocolate bar first thing in the morning, but aren't one to turn your nose up at chocolatey flavor? Reach for a spoonful unsweetened cocoa powder. Try sprinkling it over your grounds in a Chemex or French press before brewing.



7. Condensed Milk

Condensed milk is the secret ingredient with the power to turn your coffee into a luxurious treat. Inspired by Thai and Vietnamese coffee traditions, a dollop of condensed milk will lighten your coffee and give it a sweet taste.

Do you know any other out-of-the-box ingredients to add a pop of flavor to your perfect cup of hot coffee? Let us know!

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  • Paul MUNDY: July 24, 2018

    Great ideas! More feedback soon, gotta try these.

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