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Fantastic Black Teas and Reasons to Make Them

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Learn the magic behind the world's most favorite tea drink.

It’s a drink that can match the benefits of pure, organic coffee.

The classic black tea is a staple drink in the West. Approximately eighty percent of Americans consume black tea for at least several occasions during their lifetimes. Almost all well-known meals with accompanying tea such as the popular ‘English breakfast’ use black tea as its base. If you’re reading this blog from the US, then we’re most likely on the same page.

Black tea is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, a plain-looking, evergreen shrub native to Asia. In the East, the leaves are dried but not fermented (or oxidized), producing the less common green teas and white teas. In Europe and the United States, C. Sinensis leaves are fermented and oxidized, resulting in a dark brownish-black color, and most importantly, a more potent brew capable of disease prevention.

Fantastic black tea: an almost magical drink

About 5.25mg of caffeine per fluid ounce is present in a single serving (8 to 12oz) of black tea, just the perfect amount if you don’t like the jitters of a full cup of coffee. Black tea is rich in polyphenols and catechins – both powerful antioxidants with greater capacity in black teas than in oolong, white, or green teas. Theaflavin and thearubigin are also found in black teas, giving its brown-black color and strong, unique flavor.

This fantastic tea is a widely known curative drink—backed by even the most skeptic medical practitioners. Clinical website WebMD notes that “specific antioxidants in [black] tea, including polyphenols and catechins, may help prevent some types of cancer.”

Though a lot more work in the laboratory is required to confidently suggest black tea’s cancer-slaying properties, some research suggests that women who habitually drink black tea have lower risks of developing ovarian cancer than those who don’t.

Reasons to make black tea a habit

To fully benefit from the magic of black tea, consume it without any additives like milk or sugar.

  • Stress relief – aside from the almighty caffeine, black tea also contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which regulates stress levels and can improve alertness and focus
  • Improves gut health – all teas contain tannin, a therapeutic compound that greatly improves gastric and intestinal functions, decreasing the risk of digestive tract illnesses
  • Lowers bad cholesterol – studies have found that drinking black tea may help in reducing bad cholesterol in the body, lowering the risk of related diseases such as stroke and hypertension by as much as 21 percent
  • Boosts immune system – black tea hosts alkylamine antigens that stimulate the immune system to actively produce antibodies which ward off common viral and bacterial diseases such as cold and flu
  • Energy tonic – the beauty of black tea is its relatively balanced caffeine content that can enhance blood flow to the brain without the jitters caused by over-stimulation of the heart

Not only is black tea an almost magical drink due to its fantastic benefits, but it’s also easy to make.

Christopher Bean’s special black teas are packed in tea bags, so you only have to steep it in a mug with hot or cold water, depending on your preference. To know more about cold steeping, read this blog.

And who says you can’t have a healthy cup of black tea with a twist? Our premium blends are infused with rich and exotic flavors from the C. Sinensis farmlands of South America – no sugar added. Have it your way!

Black tea is a great alternative to coffee if you’re looking for a low-calorie, non-sweetened beverage with lesser caffeine content.

Its strong, calming flavor is infused with some of the most powerful antioxidants known to alternative medicine. Health benefits include better cholesterol levels, a more resilient digestive tract, and regulated stress levels.

And it’s just like coffee – widely available and easy to make.

So if you want to induce a little, almost magical effect on your health, consider trying the fantastic black tea. Soon enough, you’ll have your own reasons to make them. Happy steeping!


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