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How Oat Milk Could Change The Way You Drink Coffee

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The best coffee flavor available in the market today.

oat milk

Trendy coffee shops are now adding oat milk to your brew. ... The grain-rich drink isn't entirely new — Whole Foods sells various brands of oat milk — but baristas say Oatly is the first of its kind to foam, stand up to bold coffee and actually taste good.

From the Celsius Thermometer in the early 1700s to the phenomenal and revolutionary Skype in the 21st century Swedes have brought about significant innovations that have caught us by a big surprise. But have you heard of the newly incepted flavor for our morning coffee from a leading company in the Scandinavian country? Well, if you have been keen you may have noticed that your favorite coffee café is now serving drinks with Oat milk. In fact the popularity of this dairy-free milk drink is surging at an alarming rate. A good example is in New York City where Oat Milk is seen as the next big thing for thriving coffee shops. Here, majority coffee joints are already crushing on this gluten-free product just to ensure you have your cap-oat-ccino served in style.
However, even as Oat milk continues to gain mainstream acceptance globally, many are yet to fully comprehend what exactly is Oat milk.

First and foremost oat milk is a plant-based dairy. It is made from combining steel-cut oats and water. The two ingredients are blended together and then drained through cheesecloth or a fine strainer to separate the liquid from the solids. As simple as that, you will have prepared the best dairy-free coffee flavor and have it ready at your disposal to add in your morning cup of coffee. What’s more? The formula for Oat milk may not build a very appetizing mood, but I can guarantee that you will ultimately love the surprisingly delicious flavor and malty taste it brings along.

oat milk
Further on, contrary to what many ought to think oat milk is not an entirely new trend. The drink began appearing in the glorious Scandinavian country, Sweden and especially the capital, Stockholm, much more than a few years ago. However with the highly dynamic and consistently evolving market of the 21st century, it didn’t take long before Oat milk went global. To start off, almond milk was turning out to be very expensive and was even deemed environmentally unfriendly. For this reason, the craze for an alternative was growing each passing day. With the market booming full of potential, it didn’t take long for coffee enthusiasts to realize oat milk as an amazing solution. The product was deemed trusty and immediately termed as the only and best substitute to curb the imminent need. On these grounds, oat milk has since been imported to the States and grown to become a favorite for many especially the baristas and the environmentalists.

Since its first entry in the American Market the vegan blend never looked back. It consistently rose from one glory to another. Driven by its environmental superiority compared to almond, the amazing reminiscent taste it brings and the fact that it’s extremely nutritious; oat milk has received nothing but praise from many coffee drinkers. Essentially it has already cemented its position as a leading coffee flavor in 2018.

oat milk

Oat milk stands out from the rest of the pack mainly due to the following reasons:

Has low fat and sugar content. A cup of oat milk comprises of 5 grams of fat and 120 calories. Additionally, it also entails 16 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of protein. The drink has thus struck a very stable chord with many health-conscious campaigners throughout the globe. This has constituted a huge popularity and fanaticism base for the coffee flavor.
Oat milk also helps in attaining a slimmer waistline according to nutritionist Emily Rollason. On account of this, the drink has become a darling to many ‘figure’ conscious ladies.

Adding oat milk to your morning coffee will also come with undisputable cardiovascular benefits. According to nutrition experts the drink contains beta-glucans. These are natural sugars that are claimed to protect the health of your heart whilst helping maintain low LDL cholesterol levels.
Oat milk is usually produced by Oatly, a Swedish company formed in the early 90s with the sole objective of creating an alternative for people who didn’t like dairy milk. A few decades later oat milk has become a major import for American coffee shops and gained tremendous applause from many barristers in the country.

Depending on various tastes and preferences, some may prefer whipping their oat milk from the comfort of their homes while others like me will hit up the local coffee shop for a latte with the milk froth. All in all, just don’t be the last to board the wagon; give oat milk a trial today!!!

oat milk

In conclusion, as it stands today diversity is a key aspect for any economy to prosper. For this reason, it should not surprise you if oat milk is fully adopted in the economic global ecosystem as either a nonfat or a whole milk where it will be thought of as a third option. In fact, that’s what sustainability is all about. Eventually, do not be further surprised if in a few years’ time oat milk becomes a part of the fabric of our homes and our daily lifestyles. But until then, let’s keep enjoying the best coffee flavor for our morning cup of coffee, Oat Milk! 


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