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How To Clean a dirty Coffee/Spice Grinder

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An electric grinder serves many needs in the modern kitchen. Although usually used for coffee beans, these versatile grinders can also grind spices, tiny seeds for smoothies, herbs, and much more. In most cases, the ground food items pour out easily and leave only a tiny bit of residue behind.

What you may not know, is even that small amount of residue builds up over time and taints the flavor of each new product you grind. Well, here’s a quick fix to clean and shine your grinder by removing all that icky buildup!

coffee grinder

To start, simply fill the grinder with uncooked rice grains. What kind of rice doesn’t matter. Use what you have or purchase the least expensive. It only takes about a half of a cup to do the job, but add a little more if your grinder is especially grungy.

Now just turn it on and let her spin off all those micro pieces of ancient taste goodies! The grains of rice will pound around and knock out everything from the blades, walls, nooks and crannies. Your little grinder will love you for it! Easy, peasy and no nicking your fingers trying to wipe it out!

grinder rice

When it’s done, just dump out the ground-up residual rice mixture. Notice it pours right out and takes all the junk with it. The whole process takes about 30 seconds and keeps your grinder clean between strong flavorings and spice mixes during your holiday preparations! Make sure to share this with all your friends and family as the easiest way to shine up their grinders too! Happy grinding!


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