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Making Iced Coffee Cold Brew Coffee With An Aeropress

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As the fresh, crisp air of Autumn is about to blow in, we need something equally fresh to help close out the present heat of Summer. Thankfully, the Aeropress-over-ice provides a speedy, yet tasty way to help quench the heat! The Aeropress method is much quicker than cold brewed coffee, or even Japanese-style iced coffee. Also, it simply relies on the science of steeped brewing and air-pressure extraction, so no need for a fancy kettle pour, just hot water and a little muscle power will do! Since the technique of iced-brewing helps to preserve coffee’s acidity, it always makes for a consistently bright cup. On top of this, when brewing Aeropress cold, the aroma of the bean tends to be amplified. Basically, to have all the bright fruity flavors of Summer in a cup, go with the Aeropress-over-ice!

glass of iced coffee

So, ready to brew a cup of Aeropress iced coffee? Here’s how to do it!

  • We recommend using a kitchen scale to weight coffee and ice. It would also be helpful to have a liquid measuring cup that will show ounces.
  1.  Begin heating water so it can work up to a boil.
  2.  Grab a reliable mug, or glass (a mason jar is fun!) that can hold 8oz. of liquid. Place it on the scale, and use the tare button to zero out the weight. Fill glass with 4oz. ice.
  3.  Weigh out and grind 15 grams of coffee beans to a filter, or medium, grind. Place coffee into inverted Aeropress with the filter part at the top.
  4.  Measure 4oz. boiling water and pour over coffee grounds in the Aeropress. Gently stir grounds, place filter in cap, then screw cap onto the Aeropress.
  5.  Wait 1 minute 30 seconds, then invert the Aeropress placing it over the ice glass and press down. A low hissing sound will indicate the air escaping the Aeropress, taking about 30 seconds in all.

Instantly chilling the coffee as it hits the ice, this method produces an invigorating, bright cup to close out the Summer!

Stay cool!


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