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Steps To Follow For Cleaning A Keurig Coffee Brewer

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You may be fond of pod coffee systems or you may not like them at all. But the truth is that the pod coffee systems have acquired a dominant place in the morning beverage market. If you are using this kind of coffee maker, you must be aware of the importance of keeping the system brewing without any problems every morning or maybe for the whole day, depending on how often you drink coffee.  Did this ever happen with you that the coffee maker worked perfectly okay for your mom, but when you went ahead for making a cup for yourself, it stopped brewing altogether? This can be so unsettling.

Such things can occur. Machines that are used extensively on a daily basis can develop clogs which in turn can make the system to stop functioning entirely. This is a quick cleaning routine which you can follow for keeping your machine in a perfect working condition.  

Things You Require For Cleaning


  • Soap 
  • Wate
  • White Vinegar


  • A clean and dry cloth

Instructions To Follow

  1. Begin the cleaning procedure with the simple but important step of unplugging the machine from the socket.

  2. Now, you have to disassemble the removable parts like the lid and water reservoir, mug stand as well as the K-cup holder. Then wash the parts in warm and soapy water and dry them.

  3. Take a clean and dry cloth or a damp cloth as per the need and wipe the surface of the machine. Do not miss wiping the area around the coffee pod holder where coffee and tea granules may have accumulated. Now take all the removable parts and plug them in their respective places in the machine.

  4. Now drop some white distilled vinegar into the water reservoir of the machine till it gets filled up to the halfway. The vinegar will help to remove the lime and scale that have got deposited in it. This is crucial for the machine’s functioning.

  5. Fill the empty part of the reservoir with water. 

  6. The next thing to do is to run the machine.  Begin the brew cycle without placing a K-cup. Repeat the cycle till the reservoir becomes empty. Get rid of the mug contents after the completion of every brewing cycle. This process will prove useful in removing the buildup of lime and scale. Keurig recommends users to perform descaling of their brewer at least in every 3 to 6 months as per the source of their water.   

  7. Lastly, repeat rinsing with water. While repeating the process, ensure you use only plain water in the reservoir so as to remove any residual vinegar taste.

A Few Extra Notes For Your Benefit 

  • To lessen the buildup of lime and scale in the machine, persist with using bottled or spring water when brewing rather than using softened or distilled water

  • Attempt cleaning the entry and exit needles in case your system is not functioning in a proper manner

  • Try using a straw for forcing the air through the water line as this can prove useful in removing the debris.  


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