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What Is Egg Coffee

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How to Prepare Egg Coffee

Have you ever wondered how coffee with some eggs would taste? Yuck! Coffee with eggs! Seriously! The whole idea sounds out of place. Wait a minute! How about the nutritional benefits?  An egg contains 99% protein and your body can receive nourishment from this beverage.

This article is meant to provide all the facts related to Egg Coffee. I will also give a clear description of how to brew your coffee with some eggs. If you have never drunk egg coffee it's the high time you tried this ingenious recipe.
Most coffee lovers around the globe think that brewing coffee with an egg in the ingredients list is an alien idea. The technique of preparing Egg Coffee is securely held in a small fraction of the world's population; who protect it enviously.

In Vietnam, egg coffee is very popular and is locally known as, cà phê trứng. When you visit Honai a quiet countryside town in Japan (believed to be the origin of egg coffee) you will be served silky custard-like coffee prepared from egg yolk, sweetened condensed milk and coffee granules.

Also known as ‘Scandinavian coffee' in Norway, Egg Coffee is one of the highly abused beverages. Residence of Denmark Norway and Sweden prepare their coffee in an amazingly unique way. Despite the different procedures in preparing the Honai and Norwegian egg coffee the two tastes almost similar
To brew a Scandinavian coffee the egg is used as a clarifying agent and not as an ingredient. This gives the Norwegian egg coffee special qualities and is considered more popular than the Honai Egg Coffee.
Scandinavian countries like Norway Denmark and Sweden are rated top position in the global coffee consumption data. Global coffee consumption statistics show that an average man in Norway consumes an average of 10kg of coffee annually.

Although a native beverage in Scandinavian countries; only a very small fraction of the people living in this northern European countries, knows how to brew Egg Coffee. However, the trick of making the beverage thrives in other parts of the world like Japan and a large chunk of the American Midwest. Egg coffee is also known as ‘Church Basement Coffee' among the Lutheran communities.

Brewing egg coffee is simple as only three key ingredients are needed.

1. Water
2. Coarsely ground coffee
3. Raw egg
NB: 1 cup of water for each cup of desired coffee. In this article, we are making 1 cup of coffee
Measure one tablespoon of coffee in a large jar
Beat the raw egg and add it to the jar containing the coffee.
Add three tablespoons of cold water and mix it with other ingredients into a thick paste.
Add a glass of boiling water into the egg-coffee paste while stirring until it mixes completely. Reduce the heat.
In some recipes, you will be advised to simmer your coffee for about three minutes. (Optional)
You can serve your family and friends this sweet amazing can be served with snacks in the evening after work

This recipe is mostly used in many of the restaurants around the city-states of the United States. Possible slight differences cannot be avoided since each restaurant has its own unique way of preparing Egg Coffee
The information I have given in the above article is highly researched and completely reliable. I hope the article was informative and enjoyable to read. I will also be glad to read and respond to your comments and suggestions
Prepare Egg Coffee American style


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