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Why Add Essential Oils in Your Tea?

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Hint: it's an overpowering mix of healthy goodness.

There’s something about teas that commands our veneration for it.

          For one, it’s been touted for centuries as the healthiest beverage we’ve ever invented. A favorite of the world’s royals since time immemorial, teas are super drinks that help relieve all kinds of ailments—from indigestion to stress, and even obesity. It’s been proven time and again that habitually drinking of tea can improve health and quality of life. Truly, the classic tea commands such respect among its peers, namely the coffee, soda, and even drinking water.

          The same can be said for essential oils.

 Essential oils recently have gotten more attention in the media. And they should be. These wondrous liquids have been around and improving the health of monarchs and their dynasty members in Asia for centuries. Their aromas alone can bring a healing effect to the mind—if not the body—and drastically reduce stress levels which trigger, or complicates, other bodily afflictions.

          If you’re like most people, then, you might’ve wondered about using essential oils aside from just applying them to your skin. Well, you’re not basically wrong. But let’s be radical a bit. Would you try consuming these powerful essential oils by adding them to your tea? Because, why not?

What essential oils?

 Using your tea and essential oil together can have a super boosted beneficial result, and frankly, they taste great too. If you want to add essential oils in your daily cup of tea, here are some that produce the best effect.

  1. Lemon Oil
  2. Citrus fanatics, hurrah! Lemon oil, on its own, tastes great when added as aromatic flavoring to a cup of hot water. When you mix it with Christopher Bean’s Peach & Apricot Green Tea, even more so! The citrusy flavor is mild yet stimulating, perfect for your morning cups before going to work. Also, lemon oil enhances the already potent mood-regulating properties of green tea. It packs a punch of energy and is great for flushing the body of toxins accumulated during sleep when your innate self-repair mechanism kicks in.

  3. Peppermint Oil
  4. Okay—we all love a good, hard massage. And the tea we drink after getting a massage contributes greatly to one of the best, most satisfying sleep we’ve ever had. That post-massage sip will help you hold onto that “fresh massage” feeling longer. Peppermint oil is arguably the best essential oil to induce that lingering sensation, adding a few drops in a cup of Christopher Bean’s Fruit & Berry Oolong Tea. Peppermint’s iconic scent is a phenomenal remedy for nausea, acid reflux, and other digestion issues. Just take extra care not to overdo the oil, as it could easily overpower the flavor of the tea itself.

  5. Bergamot Oil
  6. Perfectly paired with Christopher Bean’s Earl Grey Supreme Tea, the bergamot essential oil has a sweet, fresh, and citrusy scent, albeit not as strong as lemon oil. Bergamot is a natural mood enhancer. It is widely consumed by consumers who struggle with depression, anxiety disorders, or by individuals who suffer from the occasional blues. Bergamot oil relieves mental stress over time if consumed habitually; studies show it can help in improving the overall quality of life.

So why essential oils and tea together?

 All of these powerful essential oils make a delicious addition your most loved tea blends. You can use these combos on your own to blend a unique tea designed to treat your specific condition. By using essential oil and tea together, you infused thousands of extremely powerful natural compounds that create a lasting synergy to support a healthy body and mind. Just be sure to use Christopher Bean's tea blends and choose a good essential oil brand from your friendly grocery store.


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