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Ethiopian Hararr Gera Estate


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Ethiopian Harrar Gera Estate

Intense, complex, and lingering. The Ethiopian Harrar is an exotic but excellent coffee that always leaves a lasting impression to its drinker. Like most African coffees, it’s one of the best rated in the world! And that’s really not surprising once you get a sip of its winey flavors, hints of spice, and incredible aroma.

Our Ethiopian Harrar is grown in the Gera Estate. Located in the Djimma region, this coffee plantation is about 2,000 meters above sea level. Crops here are shade grown and are not exposed to chemical fertilizers and insecticides. Instead, the grow plants that produce nitrogen along with the coffee. The farm employs a system for sustainability and works to improve the quality of life of the surrounding community. Employees of the estate are provided with housing, clean water, electricity, and education for the children among other enriching services.

The Ethiopian Harrar is high-grown which contributes to the beans’ density and thus, rich and complex flavors. Harvesting occurs between October to January. Afterwards, the coffee beans are sun dried on raised beds, washed, then put to the taste test. Exporting begins around May and typically ends in July.

This gourmet coffee is often a top choice for espresso blends because its heavy body and boldness seem to be designed for it. To enjoy it at home, all you need is to find quality beans and you can go on about your own coffee-making technique!

Our tip? Get fresh roasted beans. Fortunately here at Christopher Bean Coffee, we roast to order.

  • 100% Arabica Coffee
  • Comes with the Christopher Bean Fresh Roast Guarantee
  • Always Roasted to order
  • One 12 ounce bag of coffee
  • Available in whole bean, drip universal, percolator coarse, and espresso fine

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