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Jamaican Blue Mountain


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Coffee Is Not Roasted Until You Place Your Order

The Jamaican Blue Mountain is one of the world’s rarest, most sought-after, and not to mention, expensive, coffees in the world. And with its mild and sweet flavor that seems to lack bitterness, and intoxicating aroma that perks up the senses, there’s no wonder why. Some connoisseurs might argue but the demand all over the globe, speaks for itself.

Actually quite rare, the best Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is not grown by highly-commercialized bigwigs rather, it is produced by the small-time farmers who rely on age-old methods that date back to the 19th century: no machines, no chemicals - everything is done by hand.

Grown high up in the mountains and in humid weather, the Arabica beans of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica are denser and more flavorful than its counterparts that are cultivated in lower altitudes and sunnier climates. These gems are best slow roasted beginning with a low heat to draw out all of its wonderful qualities.

Revel in the exceptional flavor of the certified Jamaican Blue Mountain minus the hefty price tag in Christopher Bean’s Blue Mountain Blend. Also known as the "Rastafari Estate Blend", it is the perfect combination of Central American, South American, and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffees. Much like its celebrated inspiration, Christopher Bean’s Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend has a delicately sweet and mellow flavor, full body, and captivating aroma that will get you rollin’ each morning.

On top of using premium Arabica beans in our blends, we also offer the Fresh Roast Guarantee. We will only roast your order right before shipping so you are sure to get only the freshest coffee that is packed with flavor.

100% Arabica Coffee
Comes with the Christopher Bean Fresh Roast Guarantee
Always Roasted to order
One 12 ounce bag of coffee
Available in whole bean, drip universal, percolator coarse, and espresso fine

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